Chiropractic Care for Work Injuries

Back injuries are one of the most common forms of work related injuries and everyone is at risk.  Once you're back is injured in a work related accident most patients are faced with a dilemma of treatment options.

Initially many patients were prescribed narcotic medication. This will usually address the issue of pain but does not focus on the underlying cause of the injury. Alternatively a combination of anti-inflammatory medication, muscle relaxer medication, rest and cryotherapy or ice therapy in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation can be quite effective in the acute lower back sprain and strain.   Therefore, patients with work related back pain who utilize chiropractic treatment would have a lower risk of sustaining a recurrent disability as opposed to those patients that did not follow a multi-discipline treatment approach.

It is best to determine the cause of a work related injury.  In many cases, injuries are the result of repetitive stress or movement, slips and falls, poor working conditions or improper ergonomics in the workplace. There are many other common work related injuries such as neck, shoulder, hip, knee and the more increasingly common injury to the wrist known as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) 

There are many causes for back pain, including: herniated desk, subluxation (misalignment of the spine), sprains and strains, pinch nerves, arthritis and degenerative disc disease just to mention a few. 

Work injuries can I have a multitude of effects on the injured individual ranging from emotional, physical and financial burden.  Therefore it is imperative that the injured worker have the ability to return to their normal job duties as soon as possible.  The goals of treatment at Hudson Valley spine care will enable the patient to resume their normal daily activities in the quickest and safest manner.